Caleb Grant


The Curtis Johnson Team

About Caleb Grant

When buying a home in Arizona, you need advice from a real estate professional who knows the market and has your best interests at heart. Caleb is a born and raised Arizona-native realtor with years of experience, extensive training through the Curtis Johnson Team, and a strong focus on customer service. Most agents view real estate from an asset perspective, focusing solely on “bricks and mortar,” dollars and cents. Caleb has a different view. He sees real estate as a people business, first and foremost. It’s more than just dollars and cents. It’s about people like you. Your hopes and your dreams! When Caleb isn’t out helping clients, he enjoys hiking, camping, and relaxing outdoors! His true passion in life is his newlywed wife Dominique, and their four dogs that make their house truly feel like a home. Caleb is ready to help with any questions about real estate!